Amped Sports Lab

We want your goalie to get the most out of their time at AMPED. We believe using modern training techniques and ensuring that each goaltender receives the proper instruction and correction specific to their game, while identifying with each unique personality will help each goalie experience lasting success.

Please complete payment within 24 hours of registering or your registration will expire, and you will have to register again.

The PG1 group is designed for the AAA and AA goalie that already has a good skill set and is ready to use more of the skills with fast pace, pressure and quicker decision making. This group is expected to train at a high pace with progressive compound drills that will push goalies to think and play faster than ever. Along with pushing the pace, Amped Goaltending coaches will present drills that will help the goalies be able to read plays develop much more effectively. The use of reading variables and a quality skill set will help goalies play at a higher lever and be consistent in the net. 

(LTAD: Train to Compete, Train to Train)

6 goalies per session

The PG2 group is designed to help goalies expand all areas of their skill set. Skating, save movements, recovery, transitions are some of the areas that will be developed during the PG2 sessions. The goal of the PG2 sessions will be to progress a goalie’s skill, consistency and speed so that they can take their game to new levels, feel more confident and trust their abilities in key times of their games.


(LTAD: Train to Compete, Train to Train)

Our Private sessions allow for the most personalized training.  These sessions are structured based on the individual goaltenders requests/needs.  These sessions consist of one hour of on-ice instruction, where the net has a maximum of 1 goaltender, a qualified coach and 1 shooter.

CUSTOM GROUPS - Contact Us for Details