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July Operations Update

Following the go-ahead for physiotherapists to return to practice gradually and carefully in May, we have found our new COVID infection control and prevention procedures working very well.  If you are considering how safe it is for you to come in for treatment, remember:


We were already set up to protect you

  • we only book 1 person every 30 minutes, not 4 or 5 an hour, so we have time dedicated to you and your condition;

  • with only 2 people per therapist per hour, physical distancing isn't an issue;

  • we have individual treatment rooms for each client, not a big open room with beds close to each other;

  • we don't use machines to treat. Instead, we use a tool that nobody else already used in the clinic today - your body!

  • we already use a Health Canada rated disinfectant to clean rooms following every treatment.


With the new normal, we have added

  • new protocols like pre-appointment screening, therapist and client masking, getting rid of our magazines, and ensuring there is hand sanitizer in every treatment room;

  • we have assigned 2 treatment rooms to each physiotherapist, cutting down crossover;


What's next?


  • If you want to see a physiotherapist in a safe and clean environment, give our front desk a call, and they will set you up with a physiotherapist suited to you and your situation.


  • If you don't feel ready to attend treatment in person, we are still offering virtual appointments!  Please call our front desk, and they will gather some details about your condition and book a virtual appointment with one of our great therapists.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Amped Physiotherapy! 


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This is physiotherapy the way it works best.  With your body. Not with machines. 
Amped Physiotherapy offers a state of the art clinic for injury recovery and injury prevention. With our experienced physiotherapists that take one on one time seriously, our  private treatment rooms, and our full access to the gym, our clinic offers an elevated physiotherapy experience!

— Brenda R.

“I have been blessed at being injured only twice so far in my 15 years participating in multisport and each time I need to get fixed, this is the place I go. Jordan Burgess is my man. He always does a thorough evaluation, not just focused on the area that I come in complaining about, and he devises a plan that moves me forward and gets me back to racing healthy again. I would highly recommend him and his team.”





You have been diagnosed with a concussion.  Here’s what we do to help. 

sports injuries

You play at the next level, so take your treatment to the next level, too.  Trust us to get you back in the game quickly and safely!   




"Physio doesn't work.  I tried it already"

You didn't try us.

Click here to read about what makes us different from the big box clinics.



Stop Suffering in Silence

post surgical


Ottawa’s surgeons trust

AMPED Physiotherapy 

Pain can have multiple causes – it takes problem solvers to figure out why you have it, and how to fix it. We are professional problem solvers – you, your situation, and your injury is different from everyone else's. We take the time to figure you out, using the latest research and the techniques that best suit your condition.

Find out more about our team.


You need to be stronger.  We do that, too.  

You need to be stronger.  We do that, too.  

physiotherapy assessment and treatment

60 Minutes


The beginning of the search for what has gone wrong with your body's mechanics.

We start with a thorough history of your injury or condition, and then take you through a series of tests that allow us to narrow down the cause of your problem. We discuss our findings with you, and propose a treatment plan. We cant tell you how long it will take for you to be completely painfree, but we can tell you that you should feel a significant difference by the time we have seen you 4 or 5 times.

Standard - $125

Saturday - $140

Jordan - $155

physiotherapy follow up treatment

30 Minutes or 60 Minute Extended Treatment


Follow-ups consist of a recheck of your movement, strength, or some special tests. We do this to determine the effects of both our last treatment and your exercise program. Then we use manual techniques to work with your body to mobilize stiff joints or soft tissue, and work on refining your exercise program as needed. Follow up appointments may be booked at a rate anywhere from 3 times a week to once every three or four weeks, determined by you and the physiotherapist, and according to the particulars of your condition. 

Standard - $85 ($160 Extended)

Saturday - $90 ($175 Extended)

Jordan - $99 ($198 Extended)


Approximately 60 Minutes 


Book an assessment with our Osteopathic Resident to help restore the movement and function of the mechanisms that keep the body healthy.


Osteopathy addresses the patient as a whole unit, including the internal organs and cranium along with the bones, muscles and joints that our physiotherapists treat. Using specific manual therapy techniques, treatment may focus on any of the musculoskeletal, visceral or the cranial systems.


REhab Exercise & Delegated Strength sessions

30 Minutes


Being strong is protective for your body and reduces the likelihood of injury.  When you have been injured, whether you work at a desk or are a competitive athlete, your muscles need to be strong for a full recovery.


The delegated exercise appointment is the bridge between the recovery phase of your injury and the performance phase of returning to regular activities.  Your physiotherapist will communicate what is ok and what isn't for you to be doing in the gym, then Dominique will introduce you to the plan tailored to you and your specific needs.  


Pelvic health

60 Minute Assessment - 45 Minute Follow up


Our pelvic health physiotherapist is specially trained to assess the internal structures and function of your pelvis and pelvic floor, and will design a program specifically for you to return to the things you want to do. Stephanie sees patients experiencing any of the following: bladder or bowel issues (incontinence, retention or constipation, urgency, pain), pre and postpartum pelvic pain and dysfunction, low back, hip and pelvic pain, genital pain and sexual dysfunction.

$150 / 60 Minute Assessment and Treatment 

$135 / 45 Minute Follow up

rehabilitation ice

30 Minutes 

Rehabilitation Ice is a 30 minute session of physiotherapy treatment on-ice at AMPED.   This is specifically for hockey players transitioning from gym-based exercise to skating following a significant injury such as fracture or surgery.  The sessions are planned according to your player's stage of healing, physical tolerance and restrictions (if any) from the orthopaedic specialist.

$200 / 30 Minutes

Rehabilitation Ice.JPG


Therapy for your whole body. 

manual therapy

We use our hands to treat, not pills or machines 

Intramuscular Stimulation(IMS)

Let’s get to the point 


prescription and coaching

You need to be stronger.  We do that, too.  



Coming Soon!

Our Massage Therapists use traditional Swedish and modern massage therapy techniques such as trigger point release combined with exercise to treat their clients. 

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