Amped Sports Lab

Our Development Philosophy is simple; to provide a wide variety of modern training programs and techniques while ensuring each player experiences the proper instruction, correction, and skills-to-game transfer that will help each player get to “their next level”.


With multiple Development Streams and options for all ages and levels, we know you will get the most out of your time with AMPED  

Please complete payment within 24 hours of registering or your registration will expire, and you will have to register again.

PRO Performance Group (PPG)

AMPED’s top Performance Group, open to all Professional, Major Junior, NCAA, CIS, and select Jr A players. This is the pinnacle of training at Amped Sports Lab. Small custom groups and private training pushes players to expand their skill set, make quicker decisions, and be more comfortable with and without the puck.

(LTAD: Train to Win, Train to Compete)


The PG1 group is designed for the AAA and select AA players that already have a good skill set and are ready to use more of the skills with fast pace, pressure and quicker decision making. This group is expected to train at a high pace with progressive compound drills that will push players to think and play faster than ever. The coordination of the hands, head and feet will be emphasized by the AMPED coaches. 

**Athletes must have a PG1 Designation to participate**

(LTAD: Train to Compete, Train to Train)


The PG2 group is designed to help the Competitive level player expand all areas of their skill set. Skating, puck handing, shooting and agility are some of the areas that will be developed during the PG2 sessions. The goal of the PG2 sessions will be to progress a player’s skill, consistency and speed so that they can take their game to new levels, feel more confident and trust their abilities in key times of their games. 

(LTAD: Train to Compete, Train to Train)

Development group program

The Development Groups are designed to help players of young ages develop strong hockey fundamentals while creating a fun learning environment for all the students to practice and learn at their current skill level and abilities. The DG groups train in small areas to help them have more time in each drill giving each student more repetitions and time in motion doing each drill.

(LTAD: FUNdamentals, Learn to Train)

The Future of Player Development is spelled PEP

Power Edge Pro is an on-ice player development system utilizing proprietary equipment and training patterns. The system focuses on Reactive Countering Training™, engaging multiple motor skills simultaneously to develop a player’s small area game performance. All patterns are completed while maintaining puck control and are designed to provide 5x as many repetitions as standard drill based practices, leading to faster development of elite skills.

Skills & Shooting - powered by TIM TURK

What sets today's player apart? The ability to shoot the puck in all situations. Included with some skills work, these sessions are designed to provide athletes with the proper mechanics to shoot the puck well, and equip them with skill set to do so in uncomfortable positions and under pressure using the teaching methodology of NHL Shooting Coach Tim Turk.

Private and custom TRAINING

If you are looking for a more personal setting and focus on the small details that your game needs, then our private or custom groups are for you!

Book either individually for 1 on 1 attention or come as a small group of 2-5 similarly skilled players and we can tailor our training to your specific needs!

Private - $265+hst 

Custom Groups - contact us

(LTAD: Train to Win, Train to Compete)