core Vision training

Amped CORE training fills the gap in training or post concussion treatment that only focuses on the body. At Amped CORE, we use the Dynavision D2 light boards, the Cognisens Neurotracker, and physically challenging reaction and coordination stations to work the brain like we work the body in our gym. We use these tools with athletes from all sports, with patients suffering from post-concussion syndrome, and with individuals wishing to push their ability to focus and train their attentional skills and reaction time. These range from law enforcement and military members to aircraft pilots and elderly drivers, all of whom need to maintain focus and make correct decisions 100% of the time.

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Our Philosophy

If you train the body with perfect balance between fitness and skill development, you haven’t done everything to reach your full potential. You haven’t reached it yet because the ability to focus and react to stimuli during play governs how well you will be able to apply your body’s fitness and skill. The brain and eyes are where performance begins, so we have a training area dedicated to this - the essential CORE of athletic development.